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    Top Best Current Ranking Seo Factors for Google

     SEO Factors for Google Rank

    If you knew what factors influence the positioning of a page, you could work with them for an optimal strategy and improve the results, wouldn't you? Optimizations can face a website to appear in the top positions of Google search engines? This question you should ask. We all want to be one number in Google. Well, I have two news stories, one good and one bad: The bad thing is that no one knows for sure how Google works. And the good news, many important SEO factors are known, are tested with different SEO tools and you can use them to your advantage. for good positioning in Google. Do you want to know which one? Here are...SEO optimization

    SEO Factors for Google
    Top Best Current Ranking Seo Factors for Google


    • 1 20 SEO factors relevant to website optimization
    • 1.1 Popularity Factors
    • 1.2 User Factors
    • 1.3 Negative factors
    • 1.4 Other factors
    • 1.5 Author Rank:

    Top SEO factors relevant to website optimization

    Basically, where your website is the most out of the question. is related to the query entered by the user, the search engine will consider it to make their results, and if not, no. These are the most important factors of relevance for website optimization:

    1. Keywords in the title – The title is one of the most influential SEO factors for positioning, in addition, it offers immediate results. If there is a place where you should not miss the keywords, it is this one.

    2. Keywords in the page – Located throughout the text, along with synonyms and related terms, strengthen the relevance of the page on the topic.

    3. Choosing a domain name – especially if the domain exactly matches the keyword, although Google has begun to take on the importance of.

    4. Keywords in other elements – As titles, other attributes Of images, internal links, and proper name of the page.

    5. Page freshness— Certain types of content are more important when they're more recent, such as news, seasonal events, or any other type of content that might be outdated. In these cases, new or updated content is much more relevant.

    Top SEO factors relevant to website optimization
    Top SEO factors relevant to website optimization

    Factors of Popularity

    Popularity has to do with the social acceptance that a web page has. If many recommend us, the search engine too; if no one recommended the page, Google neither. These are the main factors of popularity:

    1. Links to the page – The quantity, quality, and diversity of links to a page. Search engines interpret links as an editorial recommendation of the site. Until a few months ago, it was the most important factor.

    2. Site Authority – Based on the profile of the site's links, this factor represents the credibility and prestige in google's eyes.

    3. Popularity in social media – Mentions, actions on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, among others. It is not clear to what extent this factor affects, but they do.

    4. Brand Recognition – The volume of searches performed in Google for a domain name.

    User Factors

    User factors take into account the user's reaction to the search results, as well as his experience after clicking on one of the results. There is a reason why Google is interested in this, is that its business in our case, Google, depends on the user whether or not he likes the search results. The most important SEO factors are:

    1. Site Speed – The time it takes to load the site. Faster is better. A fast site provides a better experience.

    2. Click-through rate (CTR) – The rate of clicks made by users on a specific page when it appears in the results.

    3. Dwell Time – the average time users spend on the site before pressing the browser's "back" button. A low residency time and many recoveries are a clear sign that the site is not able to satisfy the user.

    User Factors
    Top Best Current Ranking Seo Factors for Google

    Negative factors

    They are the SEO factors that do the opposite of what you want; instead of improving the positioning, they do more harm. The negative factors are explicitly rejected by Google, giving the opportunity for penalties or even the complete removal of the site from the search engine. Consider the most important:

    1. Malware code – Search robots quickly penalize sites that contain viruses or Trojans.

    2. Cloaking – Consists of showing one content to search engines and a different one to users. A popular example of cloaking was BMW.

    3. Vanzare links – Google has a very clear policy towards paid links and sites that sell, they are penalized.

    4. Over-Optimization – It consists of abusing positive factors to try to manipulate search engine results, either by excessive use of keywords or by buying artificial links. In April 2012 Google announced a Penguin update as an accessory in their algorithm to detect such actions.

    Other factors

    Other SEO factors that influence the results are:

    1. Link acquisition rate – It is taken into account the number of daily links that a site obtains; if the number increases, the site gains popularity while, if it decreases, it loses popularity. Similarly, unexplained increases could be a sign of spam.

    2. User data – Search engines customize searches based on different aspects. One aspect, the geographical position is used to display the local results. On the other hand, having a user profile, such as a Google account, gives more relevance to your language. and sites you've visited repeatedly.

    3. Google Sandbox – is one of the methods of combating spam, a factor that not everyone agrees with. It consists of a limitation imposed on the new sites, so they cannot achieve good search results until they are validated algorithmically or manually.

    • Domain age – Another optimization factor discussed, based on the idea that the age of a field influences its ability to position itself well. Anyway, it is something that you do not have to worry about too much because what really matters is what you will get over the lifetime of the domain (such as backlinks).

    Author Rank:

    AuthorRank is a method of evaluating the recommendations on the net of a person. Basically, AuthorRank calculates the weight of the links given by the author and recipient. So, instead of evaluating the link from to, it is appreciated that a certain Basil from, was tied to you in I hope I was quite explicit and I have been useful in your attempt to improve the positioning of the business, if not, it would probably be time to look for another category, SEO optimization services.

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