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    SEO Optimization Guide for search engines Google

    SEO Optimization Guide

    Optimization Guide SEO for search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) can be very simple or extremely complicated. What will you find in this blog? Practical information, 100% proven and designed for freelancers, who are not experts in online marketing. I do not want to prepare a Formula 1 for SEO, rather a Dacia Duster, easy to handle and reliable, which can bring benefits for the less initiated. Search marketing is constantly reinventing itself.

    That's why many of the techniques of web optimization, positioning in search engines, which we used a year ago no longer work. In this regard, we must constantly update our knowledge about SEO. In order to appear in the first results in the search ranking, it is fundamental to ensure the visibility of the website. In other words, if we don't appear in the top 10, we don't exist. In this guide, I will explain how we have to optimize our website to reach the top 10 search rankings, simply and without much hassle.

    SEO Optimization Guide
    SEO Optimization Guide for search engines Google

    SEO Optimization Guide: It all starts with website analysis

    Knowledge of the initial project is fundamental for those pages that are of some age. This initial analysis allows us to see what aspects are optimized and which are not, in order to improve them. In this regard I will list some of the main factors that we must take into account:

    • The situation of the domain: authority, age, where it is hosted.

    • Web page situation: Have we been penalized with any update of Google's algorithm? Why? Due to the content or backlinks?

    • Analysis of backlinks: identify those backlinks that harm the page and must be removed.

    • On-Page diagnosis: analyzing factors such as page loading speed, content optimization, website structure, internal link structure, duplicate content, broken internal links, 404 errors, etc.

    • In the case of a business website... has the blog? A blog allows us to add something fresh to the field, to improve authority and positioning in search engines with new keywords.

    • Diagnosis in social networks: Do you have accounts in the main social networks? Do you update the content? Do you have optimized social profiles?

    Searching and choosing keywords

    Searching and choosing keywords is fundamental to any positioning strategy, this being the first step towards our success or failure.

    ON Page SEO Optimization: optimizing the page for keywords

    Once selected the keywords we can start to optimize our page for web positioning.

    • The title etiquette must be optimized. This attribute is the first one that search engines index. Therefore, it must contain keywords, be descriptive, attractive and have a length of up to 60 characters.

    • A meta description is very important. It allows us to add more information to search engines and potential readers. The length should not exceed 160 characters and we must make the most of it to add as much information as possible to attract readers.

    • URLs must be search engine friendly. In other words, URLs must contain the keywords with which we want to position ourselves. You can read in more detail the structure of a URL and what it should contain.

    • Labels heading (h1, h2, h3...): in addition to the hierarchy of content, we proportion useful information to search engines. That's why it's useful to introduce in these labels the keywords that are important to us.

    • You have to optimize all the content, not only the text but also the video content, images... They collaborate in the overall positioning of the page.

    • Send a sitemap to the main search engines to help all the content be indexed. You can also send a sitemap only for images and videos.

    Finally, SEO optimization of our website is fundamental for our positioning in search results, in the main search engines. SEO techniques can be diverse, but they all have the same basis and nothing is out of the ordinary. Carefully, with a lot of patience and perseverance, we will come to master some of them, and surely the results will be positive. This Google SEO optimization guide is somewhat old but is the basis of SEO it can be successfully applied in actuality.

    On this website, you will find many digital marketing solutions and with their application, you will certainly increase the number of visitors and implicitly the sales or you will make better conversions. As I said, although I live most of the time in Spain if you want the help of an SEO consultant in your projects. do not hesitate to contact me.

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