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    What is the freelance and | how is a freelance contract

    Freelance Contract | And What Is Freelancing

    Learn what is freelance, who can work as a freelancer, its advantages and disadvantages. 

    The word freelance to call a way of working has become very popular in recent years, given the demands of the market. However, you are probably not clear about what the freelancer is, or who is a freelancer, and this is normal since the term is relatively new.

    The term "Freelance" refers to a way of carrying out a job, and although, in disciplines such as art, advertising, architecture, and design, among others, it is more common, the truth is that freelance work can be done for any job.

    In this article, we will show you what this type of work is about, who can do a freelance job, and the characteristics of a freelance contract.

    Freelance Contract | And What Is Freelancing
     What is the freelance and how is a freelance contract: leibusiness

    What is freelance?

    The commonly called freelance work can sound more familiar if we talk about a contract for the provision of services.

    If you have heard the term of the contract for the provision of services, you will know that it is a contract for work – work, that is, for a specific project, or for a certain time. The same is freelance work.

    A freelancer is a person who performs a job on request.

    These works are more common in creative areas, such as design, advertising, or architecture. However, anyone can do freelance work, from any area, without necessarily being a professional.

    Examples of freelance work

    When there is a cultural event, companies usually hire professionals for the duration of the event.

    So, for example, if you want to promote a cultural festival, the staff people, the designers of banners and POP material, are probably freelance workers, that is, people who will work and be paid for the duration of this cultural festival.

    Also for the correction of spelling and punctuation of a book, you can hire a freelance editor, or proofreader, who are the ones who usually do this work. Usually, a correction price per page is agreed and a space of time is agreed upon in which the text is corrected. Once the work is finished and all payments are made.

    There are also freelance clinical psychologists, who work with their own schedules, either from home or in an office that they pay. So, they do not receive a monthly salary, but bill according to the number of people they have served monthly and their rate.

    Thus, for this type of contract, from time to time the company that hired you is given (usually every month) a collection account, which is, as its name says, a very simple document of about 2 or 3 paragraphs at most, which specifies who charges, to which company and how much, for the work, developed.

    The freelance employment contract

    Advantages and disadvantages of the freelance contract

    You must know that freelance work has certain advantages and disadvantages compared to fixed-term and indefinite-term contracts.

    For example, one of the disadvantages that are very important to take into account is that in freelance work, the contractor will not pay your pension, health, or ARL. This payment, you must do yourself, deducting this money from the payment you have been made for your freelance work.

    You should also keep in mind that freelance work can mean in some cases, job instability, because if you are hired for projects, you will constantly have to be looking for projects in which you can work.


    However, this is not always the case, some companies hire freelancers annually and they are offered a fixed monthly salary, but the contract is still freelance, to the extent that the contracting company does not pay your social security nor should you go to an office and/or meet schedules.

    Thus, another characteristic of freelance work is that you should not meet a certain schedule. However, it is important to determine how many hours you will work in the month or week and whether the payment will be monthly or hourly.

    What about international contracts?

    Given globalization, in recent years people from different countries have begun to be hired to work from home or from their native country.

    Thus, for example, there are U.S. companies that hire Colombians, in which case, the most normal thing is that to avoid legal problems due to the differences in legality of each country, these companies hire workers as freelancers.

    Your contract can be in Spanish or English, the important thing is that some clauses are established and in this case, you register in Colombia as an independent work so that you can generate the collection accounts.

    Freelance contract model

    There are several ways to make a freelance contract, as long as the essential aspects are taken into account:

    ✓. Agreement deadline and place -

    ✓. Names and identity documents of those involved

    ✓. Description of the activities to be carried out

    ✓. Description of the agreed payment and the frequency with which it will be paid

    ✓. The period in which the contract will be carried out

    The most advisable thing at the time of making the contract is that the help of a diligent lawyer in the matter is requested. However, below we show you a website where you can find freelance contract models:

    Downloadable contract models

    We hope you found this information helpful. Find on our website more information related to working life and tips for your resume and get the job you want.

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