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    Ideas and trends to start profitable businesses in 2021

    7 Ideas Top Trend Businesses in 2021

    The best ideas and trends to undertake profitable businesses in 2021.4 examples of successful Colombian startups that follow trends. Undertakes!

    If you wonder what are the most profitable businesses to undertake because you want to start yours, but you do not know well what is the most appropriate way to know it, one of the best ways is to know the trends and businesses that are booming and whose ventures have the possibility of growing.

    Therefore, in this article, you will find the trends of 2021 that are used to undertake. In addition, we will tell you about entrepreneurship cases in which these opportunities have become prosperous businesses, so you can have ideas to carry out your own venture.

    If you are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, you can read our article what is entrepreneurship to give you an idea of entrepreneurship classes and some tips to create a Startup.

    7 Ideas Top Trend Business In 2021
     Ideas and trends to start profitable businesses in 2021 leibusiness

    Ideas for entrepreneurship in 2021

    1. Beauty and personal presentation

    Beauty and the desire for a good personal presentation are trending right now.

    There are numerous profitable entrepreneurial businesses in cosmetics and personal image that have managed to grow.

    If you are interested in this area you should know that although there is a lot of competition, the interest of people to acquire effective beauty products is growing, because the personal image has become something very important not only on a personal level but also at work.

    2. Fitness culture and healthy living

    Fitness culture has become very popular especially in the last decade, which makes undertaking in a fitness business profitable.

    Videos on social networks of people training and the constant concern for having a healthy life are becoming more common.

    Many entrepreneurial businesses are brewing from this trend.

    There are, for example, those who undertake as personal trainers, as ambassadors of products to exercise or foods focused on growing muscle mass, among others.

    3. Rise in e-commerce

    While the increase in automation of electronic processes has been a trend in 2020 and 2021, it will remain so for a while, therefore, this trend represents an excellent opportunity to start a profitable business.

    Numerous companies are starting to automate processes and others are starting e-commerce.

    Depending on the business, virtual sales can be a great opportunity since you do not have to pay expenses of premises or physical sales personnel because with virtual stores many people can choose online what they want to buy.

    4. Caring for the environment

    Concern for the environment is a reality. Global warming affects us more and more and more companies are joining ecological products and waste minimization.

    The care of the environment is a concern not only of companies from sustainability but also from people in their individuality.

    If you are interested in caring for the environment, you should know that undertaking sustainable and ecological products will be a positive hallmark for your company and will help you contribute to a greener world.

    5. Increase in older adults

    According to the consulting firm Americas Market Intelligence, Latin America is the fastest-growing region of the world and by 2025 there will be many more people old than young.

    This opportunity can be taken advantage of as long as profitable businesses can be created to undertake focused on the satisfaction of the needs of the elderly to leisure and health of this population segment since it is expected that over the years the older population tends to be superior to the young population.

    Creating a company that allows you to customize your products will be a good business in the long run. So, depending on the area of your interest, you can research and test to see how you can customize your products. Once you know how to perform the customization you can determine the base prices and gradual increases depending on the level of customization desired by the client.

    6. Scalable pricing and customization

    Today, the desire for originality and to create things that fit each person is growing.

    The personalization of products occurs in different areas such as textile and technology, among others.

    7. Rise of social media

    Although the rise of social networks is not something that generates the greatest economic income for companies, it is something that can help you a lot to publicize your company.

    Although it is estimated that only 10% of buyers usually come from social networks, having a presence in them can give recognition to your venture.

    In addition, contacting influencers and people with high impact in networks to promote your products can be a very good tool for them to know your brand and become recognized in its beginnings.

    Now that we have told you some trends for the future, we show you 4 profitable Colombian businesses of entrepreneurship that have been developed following these trends and can serve as a reference if you want to start a business.

    4 profitable Colombian ventures

    Below you will find 4 profitable Colombian businesses that have followed the aforementioned trends and how they have taken advantage of them to be successful ventures.

    Knowing successful ventures and seeing how they take advantage of trends can be very helpful. Knowing which startups have managed to grow in recent years will give you an idea of how to approach the project you have in mind and see business opportunities to undertake.

    1. Go-Lab Cosmetics

    Following the trend of beauty and personal presentation, Go-Lab Cosmetics of the Colombian Katherine Loaiza of only 34 years closed 2019 with about 9 million dollars in sales.

    Go lab Cosmetics was originally born from the import of cosmetic products from Israel to Colombia. Later, and due to the rise of the dollar, the import became unsustainable and the business woman saw an opportunity for growth in her own production.

    It is a company with a lot of potential, which will continue to grow given the growing interest in beauty products, and therefore, the expansion of the target audience.

    2. Innovakit

    Following the trend of sustainability and the environment, Innovakit is a startup born in Mosquera. This profitable venture was born with the intention of working hand in hand with coffee growers and improving production practices for a benefit to both parties.

    The project has gained great recognition and during 2020 was chosen to represent Colombia in the global grand final of the entrepreneurship world cup in Saudi Arabia.

    3. Superfüds

    Superfüds with an antiquity of 3 years in Colombia, has had great growth since its foundation. The company takes advantage of the trend of healthy living to offer healthy food through its website which is in turn e-commerce.

    You can choose the products you want and make the purchase virtually, so that not only will you get healthy food, but also it will not be necessary to go to the supermarket to do so.

    Superfüds has as one of its main objectives to become the main distributor of healthy food in Latin America.

    This venture has been one of the participants of ProColombia Pitch Sessions in 2020 in search of capital investment by entrepreneurs.

    4. Cyclus

    The Colombian company that starts from the trend of caring for the environment and sustainability for production, works with upcycling, that is, it converts products that were apparently waste into products of value.

    Cyclus transforms the tires used into pieces of beautiful bags. All of its products are handmade with recycled tires, cotton, and natural leather and can be purchased from its website. It is a company with a lot of potential that today has a presence in China, France, Japan, Chile, Switzerland, Spain, and the United States.

    Great Lei Businesses In 2021

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