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    3 Types of Online Work at Home Jobs :

     3 Platforms you can work on online

    These options will help you make money at home and work online just by establishing an internet connection and being eager to work. Learn how to make it possible.

    3 Platforms you can work on online

    Finding a stable job is a journey. Now, with the crisis triggering COVID-19 and threatening the existence of hundreds of jobs, it's time to get out of the situation and start taking steps to make money from home and find job options that can cope with current working conditions.

    Earn money at home

    As Albert Einstein said in one of his interviews and saved in the book Autobiographical Notes (2016): "In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge." That's why, in Diners, these options will be searched and tested on the Internet, where you can find a workspace or do whatever you want and get paid.

    You'll find a wide variety of options, including a few hours of virtual assistants, copying text, teaching others about your skills, providing knowledge services for large companies, answering surveys, watching ads, and testing games and programs on your computer.

    Before we begin...

    We suggest that if you are interested in these digital jobs, open your account PayPal so that your customers or companies can pay you through this platform, and then you can transfer it to your bank account or make purchases on the Internet to make money from home.

    01. I am a Freelancer

    Unlike pages wherein you put up your resume on pages like and should look forward to a person to get inquisitive about it, on you may discover jobs that can require private facts like you.

    Options for making money at home include answering calls from important offices around the clock or designing a company logo. Usually, the most necessary offers are the design, programming, and management of social networks.

    The platform has been launched throughout Latin America, so it's not uncommon for you to accept jobs from Mexican or Guatemalan companies. On the other hand, unlike other employment sites, registration and membership are free. Unlike paid membership, you will be able to accept several temporary jobs at once.

    The salary varies from job to job, but you'll find a few options: Your hourly wage ranges from $7 to $25, and this income will be earned through PayPal or Payoneer.

    02. Workana

    The second method we recommend to make money at home is very similar to that of and this is Workana, it is suitable for jobs not designed for professionals, but for those who have enough time to work online.

    Here you will find support options for management, call centers, translation, text transcription, and even the organization of work and tests to test applications and web pages. This tool was designed in Spain and is suitable for everyone who speaks Spanish.

    Remember that although your registration is free, for each contract you have, the page will reserve 15% of your payment, which will be deposited in your PayPal.

    03. Fiverr

    "It brings skills. We will make winning easy." This is the promise of Fiverr, which is an English-language platform, but it also has Spanish job applications to find various talents. From doing voiceovers, playing roles in radio soap operas, organizing computer files as a virtual assistant, to helping entrepreneurs generate ideas about their next product.

    You can try more than 200 categories of luck. Interestingly, he paid a price for his skills. The app is responsible for connecting you with potential customers who need your services, and you can talk directly to them.

    It should be noted that Fiver reserves a commission of 20% for its services and in turn ensure that once the work is finished, your payment will be directly in your bank account.

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